Wolf Point, MT, photo by C. Hamilton
Wolf Point, MT, photo by C. Hamilton

2023 Summit and Train Trek Success

All Aboard Northwest, All Aboard Washington, and The Association of Oregon Rail and Transit Advocates co-sponsored the 2nd Annual Greater Northwest Passenger Rail Summit. The Summit was a great success, and generated a lot of coverage in Boise. In addition to the formal sessions, we were able to have outstanding private conversations with elected officials and community leaders, including Transportation Committee chairs Rep. Jake Fey from Washington and Sen. Chris Gorsek from Oregon. AANW, AAWA and AORTA will be meeting to discuss our priorities for the 2024 legislative sessions. We also had excellent discussions with representatives from the Sierra Club and other environmental groups.

After Boise, AANW continued our travels in The All Aboard Northwest 2023 Train Trek.

AANW received warm support (up to 105 degrees!) from communities in Idaho and eastern Oregon -- Weiser, Ontario, Baker City, and Hood River -- July 21-23.

Local citizens were unanimous that renewed passenger rail service would be a boon to tourism, local economic development, access to health care facilities, simpler connections during bad weather, and safer options for traveling.

It’s clear that there is a need for more outreach throughout the region and the country. Let’s continue to brainstorm how we can develop coalitions for improved transportation.